Monday, April 8, 2013


We went on a WONDERFUL 7 day Caribbean cruise a couple of weeks ago. My mom offered to watch Summer for us so she flew out we got her settled in and off we went.

Sunday- Tuesday & Saturday: Sea Days

 We went on Carnival Magic and really loved the ship! Pools, hot tubs, water slides, ropes course, huge pool side movie screen and fun activities. Oh and lot and lot of food.


Thomas played dodge ball every sea day and had a blast! I would sit and enjoy the view!
We had fun dressing up for our formal night. We even got our pictures taken by a photographer who was absolutely hilarious. He would almost sing commands. "Man's hand on woman's shoulder, Woman look to the left. Woman cock your knee, man kiss woman" It was a lot of fun and great entertainment. It was fun to dress up, we really don't very often in "real life" :)

I learned how to make towel animals! And we had a blast dancing with our wait staff nightly!


Thomas participated in limbo at the dance party. He got second place!! Only a 13 year old girl bet him. I have the video and will try to post it. It was pretty awesome. He won this cool hat and a "ship on a stick" trophy :)

I'm working on getting all our pictures from our port days. We had so much fun. Zip lining in Jamaica, snorkeling and swimming with stingray in Grand Cayman and para sailing in Cozumel. It was all so much fun!!

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