Friday, March 1, 2013

February Month in Review

I think I can manage monthly posts! Yay! Which is super because then when I do my yearly scrapbook I won't be completely starting from scratch!

Here's February in a nutshell:

While out doing a major grocery trip (I've started going just every other week) we stopped into a pet store. Summer loved the fish

Summer completed her alphabet train all on her own and was so proud "Mama look I did the whole thing!"

We made cookies and had a valentine's party at the library. We found a super great library story time for Summer that has stations with arts and crafts and various learning activities! We've built it into our schedule and LOVE it!!

We did lots of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred :)

Thomas was diagnosed with bronchitis. After 4 days of bed rest returned to work and has been fighting the remaining cough for a good 2+ weeks :P Poor guy!!

So Summer and I have been home without a car a lot again this month, which means... more McDonalds. Notice that she is a 2 year old girl playing basketball with oh 4 boys much older than she. Nothing phases her!

Lots of playing trains and cuddling on the couch singing songs. Her current favorites "You are my sunshine" "ABCs" and "Happy Birthday to you" sung to monkey!

We've been out biking and enjoying the "cool" weather

I got to go to the rodeo twice! Once for our Valentine's date and one girls night

Summer and I got to go to the zoo with some friends. She, of course, loved the monkeys!

Thomas almost got to go to India for a month! But it looks like it won't happen til later. He's pretty bummed!

Mostly it's been a super low key month with a few great moments like this one. I LOVE her :)

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