Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We had an interesting month around here. Here are some high (and low) lights:

 At least 1 of us was sick for about 3 weeks of  the month.

We drove from Provo, UT to San Antonio in 23 hrs

Summer moved into a toddler bed and after about 3-4 days LOVES it!

We booked a cruise! We sail in March

We went to the arcade where Summer's favorite games were basketball and skee ball :) She picked a pink princess lolly pop and a race car for her prizes!
I rediscovered my sewing machine and made 2 valances (using a crib skirt!) and a few pillows

I repainted our office. It's the same color just in semi-gloss instead of flat so I can actually clean the colored on walls :)

We went camping for the first time

Thomas fixed my bike and we've been enjoying riding around in nice weather

Summer fell on the tile and got her first fat lip :(
Thomas got a great review at work and was rewarded accordingly!

Summer's favorite toys since Christmas has been trains and airplanes

I built a PVC pipe storage organizer for the garage

It's been an "at-home" kinda month. With sickness abound we've been spending lots of quality time within our 4 walls. Which probably also explains all my projects :)


Jess said...

Fun blog! Love the updates. You guys are a great family :)

The Mathews Family said...

January used to be my least favorite month because it just seemed like nothing ever happened. Now I look forward to it as a month to settle down and just nest a bit.

Such a great idea to make the valance out of crib bedding. Genius! I love that you have to rediscover your sewing machine. I feel the same way about mine. It seems like when it does come out, it takes over our kitchen table forever... so by the time I clean it all up, I'm ready to pack it away. Of course I like to be in the middle of the house chaos and don't think I'd do nearly as much if I had to hide away in a sewing room or something like that. LOL!