Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A year of Awesome: Janurary

In September I'll be 30! Can you believe it? I can't! And because I am less than thrilled about that particular milestone I decided to look forward to it by doing something totally awesome every month til I'm 30. I've come up with some ideas already and I will have to add more to it as I go. Most are things that I've wanted to do and haven't yet, some will probably be more exciting than others, but all include an effort to do more than the ordinary. To make a specific effort to find fun, happiness and experience in life. I am excited to have this "goal" to celebrate life. Who knows, maybe I'll keep going after 30. Who am I kidding, by then I'll be too old for fun right?! :)

January's Awesomeness 

This month started with 1 awesome goal but a 2nd one presented itself and I jumped at the opportunity!

Back in October my church had a cool activity about doing hair and make up and I realized that I have totally sucked it up in that area. But I also realized that I never really learned about make up so I went to Sephora and had a make over! It was hard for me to do that, I was very embarrassed to be my age and still not know about make up! But it was a great experience! The girl was so kind and helpful and I learned a lot. I'm still not a big make up person but I do have more confidence in what to do now. And I am so glad that I finally did it! Here are some pics. Top left is before with no make up, the big picture is after the make over and the bottom left is my attempt at recreating what I liked. 
This is slightly embarrassing, but it's part of my year so I wanted to include it :)

The 2nd awesome part of January was camping! I hadn't been camping since before I was married. Thomas and I haven't camped together and Summer hadn't been. We were invited by some friends to camp for his birthday and we decided it was time to figure it out! So we got out the tent and sleeping bags my parents gave us along time ago and went for the night. It was great! Summer loved it and we had a blast. I'm so glad we bucked up and did it. It helped that we were all sharing food and we weren't responsible for the fire etc. But it gave us enough confidence to want to go again soon!

We didn't take many pictures but we sure had a great time!

February's awesomeness is coming this Friday...San Antonio Rodeo. We're going to see One Republic! I can't wait :)

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The Mathews Family said...

Such a beauty you are Adrienne! You have such a great smile! I actually laughed that your RS did that for an activity. I think that's such a great idea! I've forgotten how to wear makeup... I always have a tube of chapstick in my pocket. And that's it! :) I could use some lessons...