Thursday, September 6, 2012

Come Monkey Around

For Summer's 2nd birthday we had a monkey themed party. At first I wasn't going to do a party because she's so young and doesn't really know the difference. And then one day the idea for a monkey party came and I just couldn't resist.

Summer loves her monkey. It's the one we built with her at build-a-bear for her first birthday so it was just perfect for her.

Here's a tour of her party :)

The birthday girl in her new minnie mouse outfit. Getting ready for her party :)

Upon entering the house there was this little table with the monkey visors for the guests to wear and get into the "monkey around" spirit :) The signs says "Wanna go bananas?! Dress up like a monkey!"

The dessert table :)
The party room.  We got this ball pit off craigslist for a ridiculously great price and it was perfect! The little monkeys loved it!
Besides the ball pit there were 3 other activities to try...
Decorate binoculars to find all the monkeys 
Make a fruit loops necklace and
Help color a jungle scene

We had great food thanks to the Orrocks for sending Thomas J Dawgs sauce for his birthday!

And the favors, the kids left with their own little friend- a monkey hand puppet!

The cake

And here are some actions shots of the party :)

We had a great time and Summer loved it! She loved blowing out the candles, opening presents and saying "Happy Birthday" She is still talking about it and still walking around the house saying "happy birthday" all the time. It's hilarious. I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and have a party!


Julie said...

Cutest monkey ever!

Amanda and Steve said...

Adorable! I live for throwing kid parties. :-)

Meg said...

It turned out so cute in the pictures! I bet they all loved it :)