Friday, March 9, 2012


Wow, I haven't really updated on here in a long time! I guess I just fell out of the habit. Let's see if I can do a "catch up" without it being completely boring :)

1. We celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss!

2. We just so happened to be at the coast on the big day! It was our first visit to the Texas coast, we went to South Padre Island, about a 5 hour drive away and it was beautiful! Next trip to the coast will be Port Aransas, a lot closer!
On a dolphin cruise! We saw lots of dolphins, it was great!

3. I've taken up running! In 3 weeks I will run a HALF MARATHON! Crazy, eh?! A friend of mine is a big runner having run several marathons and many other races. She offered to train some girls here back in December and I've never looked back! Furthest I've run so far is 11 miles, I would really like to do 12 tomorrow but we're sick...again :(

4. We've been sick! A LOT! It all started back in November. We were in Utah for Thanksgiving and Summer had a pretty bad cold. It was so bad that every morning when we'd get her up her hair was STUCK to her FACE because of all the snot. Yep :( THAT bad! So that turned into a double ear infection which turned into another cold which turned into a nasty cough which got better! Followed in 2 or so weeks with the STOMACH FLU (for all 3 of us!) and then a couple weeks after that ANOTHER cold for Summer for 1 week and then I promptly caught the cold and that catches us up to now. That was roughly 3 + months of sickness. boo.

5. Due to all the yucky snot bangs in the morning, Summer got her hair cut! Oh man, it took me about a week to get used to it! She just looks SOO old now. No longer any baby remnants here. She is a full fledged toddler! One amazing, happy, wonderful toddler!

Right before the big hair cut! You can see how her hair falls
straight down into her face!

During! She did great!

After! A little trim in the back and bangs!

6. Thomas and I started reading books aloud together. This started back in October. A friend lent us her copy of The Hunger Games and told us to read it. I had been hesitant because I had heard what it was about, but we gave it a go. We read the whole series in probably 3 weeks, which doesn't sound very quick but when you're reading out loud and you only have so many hours a day you can devout to reading, 3 weeks is pretty quick for three books! Anyways, I LOVED the series SOO much. While Thomas was reading the last chapter of the last book I was in tears. I was so involved in these character's lives. It was beautifully written. I loved everything about it. Which leads to # 7...

7. We got our tickets for The Hunger Games opening weekend! I am so excited to see how they put this book into film! Can't wait!

8. The week after the movie release is my big run and the following week I'm headed to Utah to see my little sister graduate from college! And Thomas is even going to join in on the fun and meet us out there for the last week of our trip.

9.  I just got Summer's 18 month pictures back today. They turned out so cute! I just can't believe what a little girl she is now!

10. Life is good. Somedays are so long, especially when one of us is sick. But we enjoy ourselves. Summer LOVES to be outside. Almost every day now after breakfast she grabs my hand, takes me to her shoes, has me put them on her and then goes to the door. I consider myself lucky if she waits long enough just standing and banging on the door instead of crawling out the doggie door. lol. We're going to have to loose the doggie door soon :( Summer also loves the park, library story time, and just playing. She's gotten really good at stringing wooden beads, shape sorting, has discovered coloring! And is just a happy little miss! :) And a happy little miss makes a happy muma. And a happy muma wife makes a happy life :P (That one's for you Thomas) I never liked that billboard! :) But somehow it does seem true, eh?

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