Saturday, March 31, 2012

I did it!

Today I ran 13.1 miles!

With the help of these friends 

And these cheerleaders!

It was an amazing experience on an amazing course! The scenery was beautiful especially with all the wild flowers in bloom! But, take a look at the course! You can't really tell here but the 1st 7 miles of the course are pretty well all hills! They were KILLER! Especially from mile 4 to about mile 7, there were 2 hills that were so steep I thought they might take me right out! But this is actually when I was doing my best! Until mile 7 I was keeping pace with the 2:30 group. And even though the hills were tough the DOWN hills were AMAZING! My friend Marcie who ran today had told me early in training to run as fast as you can down the hills, to let gravity push you and to use that time to relax your arms and breath. I did this and I felt great!

From there we did a nice 3 mile out and back which was hard because it started on the top of a hill so you can see runners as far as your eye can see and you have to do that! But it was nice to see all my friends at this point as they ran past me on the return. The course was then rounded out with 3 miles of switch backs on the golf course. Due to restrictions spectators had to stay on the resort property so the first time I saw my cheer team was at mile 10, entering the golf course. I was so excited! I saw our stroller parked before I saw them and my heart leapt! I was so happy to get to see my team! Thomas was holding Summer up saying, "Look Summer there's mommy!" and she was looking past me to the ladies behind me! I kept trying to get her attention then finally when I got up right next to them I yelled out  "Summer, look at your mother!" And she did! :)
Mile 10!

Even though the last 3 miles were flat they were very challenging! It was a series of switch backs, so many that if I looked up and around I was so lost as to which ones I had done, where I was headed, who was in front/ behind me and it seemed to go on FOREVER! It isn't too clear, but if you look at the map you can imagine what it was like! I was really feeling it by now, but one foot in front of the other got me to the end!
2 hours and 39 minutes later! This is me just after I ran through the finish line! I think I look pretty relieved, eh? :)

But so very happy!

I couldn't stop smiling! 

And at the end of the morning we walked by a beautiful hill covered with the texas wild flowers that are in full bloom right now! So lovely!

It was a wonderful life changing experience for me! Maybe I'll write another post about all that. But suffice it to say it was a good good day! :) And I am So very thankful to all those who helped me along the way! You know who you are!


Michelle said...

I admire you. Amazing that you set and achieve goals for yourself. I'm really good at setting them. Not so much at achieving them. You're an inspiration. Congrats!

Becca and Ashton said...

Congrats Adrienne! That is awesome! 13.1 is a big number! You look cute doing it too! said...

That is awesome! Congratulations! You inspire me. :) Maybe someday...

Mariley Johnson said...

I may as well have been runnng right along with you - we got the exact same time!!
Do we have time to do it again (maybe something shorter) before I move away???
It is a pretty amazing accomplishment and certainly something I haven't felt until I ran like this!
Way to go!!

The Jones Family said...

You are amazing!!! I am in awe and so very proud of you :) Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment!

Michelle and Judson said...

Good for you! Maybe one day! :O)