Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday birthday!

We had a great time celebrating Summer's birthday this past weekend! On Saturday we went to a petting zoo with some friends! It was so fun to see their little faces light up seeing the little animals and riding the pony! Thanks for joining us Jensens and McCartys! :)
Playing with bubbles!
Tempie with a baby goat!

Thomas & Summer petting a big goat!

I missed getting a picture of all 3 girls! :( But here's Summer & Aubrey!

Summer loved the pony. It's a quick clip but you can see her waving and then she even blows a kiss! What a natural! ;)

Summer's shirt says, "Cutest Birthday Girl Ever" and I must agree!

On Sunday we had her family party and even though our closest family is over 1,000 miles away Summer celebrated with all her grandparents, 1 great grand, and 9 aunts and uncles thanks to google+ hangout!

This is a screen shot my sister Dana took of the event. You can see all the little videos at the bottom of all our family who joined us! We had 4 groups in Utah, 1 in Michigan and 1 in Canada. Thank you to everyone who joined with us! It made us feel a little less far away! :)

Summer LOVED her birthday cake! When I gave her a cupcake she scooped it right into her hands, brought it right up to her mouth and never once lowered her hands again, until it was all gone! It was hilarious! Like she was devouring it!

What a great weekend! Thanks to all those who celebrated with us!

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Bloom Family said...

What a cutie Summer is! I can't believe she is one! Happy Birthday to you Summer!