Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer walks!

Oh boy what happened to my baby?! And who is this toddler? It's absolutely amazing to me the changes that 1 year makes for a baby! I guess before I had Summer I didn't really know just how quickly she would hit milestones! But here we are just a couple of weeks before she turns one and she is not my little baby anymore! She is amazing! Everyday I get to spend with her is one of the best in my life. She brings such joy to our family! Life is better than it ever was before! Enough rambling. I said Summer walks and here is the proof :)

Summer took her first unassisted step on Thomas' birthday, July 16th. So one month later she can take about 10 or so steps on her own and is constantly getting up on her feet to try again. Of course she is still much faster at crawling so she still does that a fair amount, but all day long she is up and down! It's so much fun to see her face so proud! I love it!

3 comments: said...

Isn't it so fun to watch them grow and change? Although, they reach these milestones way too fast. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

She's doing a great job! I love her hair, too.

Annilee said...

Go Summer! We are working on that same trick around our house!