Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy O!

This is the card I made Thomas. 

I realize it's kinda blury, if you click on it it's clearer.
Anyways, it reads,
"Until then please know all those
dirty diapers are filled with love" :)

I can't take credit for any of it! It was a template. But I thought it was too funny and the picture of Summer matched perfectly!

So here's my shout out to my baby daddy :)

We've been through a lot together but the experience that has made me love him more than any other has been watching him become a dad. He loves his girls so much. He is so sweet with Summer. He provides so well for us (he just got his first promotion at work!!) and he is my best friend! I couldn't have picked a better man to be the father of my babies :)


The Ballards said...

That is too funny and cute!

The Wiseman Life said...

what a cute card. Ha ha I love it!