Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 months!

Oh man it's just crazy how time flies! Little Miss is 5 months old! We had a blast with her 5 month photo shoot! I'm so terrible about taking pictures that this is the only for sure time each month that I'll snap a few. I'm happy that I started this tradition! Summer is at a really fun age, she's really starting to interact a lot more and loves to smile and play and she's a champion sleeper too! So all of that combined make me one happy momma! :)
Summer at 5 months:

-sleeps mostly on her tummy
-still has zero teeth!
-sleeps awesome at home in her crib, but has a terrible time sleeping anywhere else
-loves to roll, but has difficulty rolling from stomach to back (sometitmes I have to help her a long)
-is really starting to pay attention to Ellie
-is very easily distracted during feedings
- recognizes her name
-is close to sitting on her own
-weighs about 15 lbs
-loves to talk!


Lisa said...

Wow! She's growing up fast! I love all of her bows, flowers, and hats. They're so fun! You've definitely got a cute baby!

Jill said...

She is SO cute! I love the pictures!