Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yum Yum...or something like that!

"oooh what's this? I like that it's pink but I don't know... "

"Am I supposed to actually DO something here or just let it dribble out? Hmmm"

"Yeh, I still don't really get why they're doing this. But, I'll keep going along!"

"Oops. I knocked it all over! Maybe now they'll stop with all this!?"

Summer had her first taste of cereal today. She didn't do too bad either, at least according to the cues I read online... meaning she opened her mouth and didn't turn away! So we'll keep trying a little here and there and let her go at her own pace! But boy some of the looks she gave today were just priceless!! It's so fun having Summer in our lives. Each of these little steps in her life is a step in mine too and I am just so grateful for all the steps we get to take together! Now I gotta go clean up the mess :)


Mom said...

How funny! What is the pink food? Keep up the good work! She looks so cute in that Bumbo!

Cali's Mom said...

the spoon is pink! :)

Jenni said...

I love that look on her face! She is so cute!

The Jones Family said...

I bet you had so much fun introducing her to this. The pictures are classic, she's adorable!!! :) Keep the posts coming, I love seeing everything you're up too!

Anonymous said...

I think her face says it all - what IS this stuff??? Love it. Can't wait until Parker is big enough for solids.