Sunday, January 9, 2011

4 Months!

Didn't I just post about Summer being 2 months? And now I'm already 3 weeks late on the 4 month old post! Amazing how time flies! Well little miss Summer is just getting sweeter by the weeks! She is one good little baby and we have just loved seeing her little personality start to shine! At 4 months Summer:
-Is about 26" long and 14 lbs (We haven't had her check up yet this was just done at home!:)

-Loves to play on her mat
-Reaches for anything within arms length and immediately puts it in her mouth!
-Smiles easily and frequently
-Loves to cuddle and be held
-Loves to kick her legs wildly causing her body to rock (she does this and ends up on the other end of the crib!)
-Love to dangle her legs and arms out of the crib (we're working on fixing this!)
-Is sleeping in her own room now!
-Sleeps from about 7pm to 7am waking once around 9 or 10pm to eat (This is HUGE! We tried to help Summer learn to sleep better but it just wasn't in me to let her "cry it out" and lo and behold with some time she learned to sleep on her own without any crying or fighting! Amazing!)
-Has discovered her thumb and LOVES it! She now refuses a soother (which actually helps with the whole sleep thing as she can easily find her thumb and can put herself back to sleep!)
-Now sleeps with arms and legs spread out- no more swaddle
Before the discovery of her thumb and still swaddled- but such a cute pic!
-Prefers to sleep on her side with her head cocked back (I'll try to get a pic of this soon!)
-Has officially met all her aunts and uncles
-Drools like crazy but has yet to sprout any teeth

  A few more pics from her 4 month photo shoot w/ Champ:

She is the light in our lives right now! Her sweetness is so strong- we just love to be around her! And yet with her new sleeping habits we are enjoying being "just a couple" again with our nights free to spend time together sans baby. As Summer grows so do our hearts. There is nothing in the world I'd rather do than take care of her. One of my favourite things is feeding her in the rocker at night and then having her cuddle up to me and fall asleep in my arms before putting her back in bed. In these sweet moments I hold her and never want to let her go. I hold her and  think about what she has brought into my life- love, peace, hope, joy, many emotions that fill my heart and I just think that this is what life is about- love, peace, hope and joy. And I thank my Father in Heaven for such a sweet gift. My little Summer, forever my gift from God.


The Ballards said...

Oh my, she's adorable! I hope our baby girl sleeps just as well. Summer will have to teach her!

Vanessa said...

Yay Summer! Good job for sleeping twelve hours at night. Can you give Lucas some pointers? We're still working on getting him to sleep through the night...
Aren't those late-night feedings when they fall asleep in your arms the best? I can tell that you cherish them!! :)

m.dahl said...

Adorable!!! It's fun to hear what little Summer is up to. Thanks for sharing.

Bloom Family said...

Oh, life really does get so much better once everyone gets some sleep! Glad she is sleeping well. Summer is a cutie. Not getting sleep again is not an adjustment I am looking forward to making again in a few months. :)

The Jones Family said...

Oh my goodness! She is so precious, what a great post :) It's exciting to see her grow so much and to hear about her accomplishments...isn't being a mom the best things in the world? :)