Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

So most years I try to make our tree look something like this

I thought a Christmas tree should be coordinated, with a beautiful color scheme, matching ornaments, and maybe even a little tulle and flower picks. This year this is what our tree looks like

There isn't 1 of our matching or coordinating ornaments on our tree this year and that is because of Cali. Yesterday when I was unpacking all the ornaments to get ready to trim the tree I carefully unwrapped each of the "unique" ornaments in our collection- the ones that have been given to us or we purchased to remember special events. And as I did my heart ached. I opened several butterflies and angels that were given to us anonymously through the Angels for Hope organization- each one again touched my heart and made me again so grateful for the sweet kindness of others. 

I opened many that came from family members, many from Thomas' sister Alaina, who for our first Christmas together wrote a beautiful poem and gave us many ornaments to get our collection started. I opened the family ornament from last year, and remembered picking it out in the store and wanting so badly to be a normal family of 3 with our child still with us.

 I opened the angel I had made. 

The handmade ornaments from my niece and nephew,

and when I was done opening these I decided that our tree was full enough with these "unique" ornaments. And I thought about how our lives should be more like our tree this year- filled with the best, most important things in life- family, memories, hope, love, faith.  Maybe next year we'll use the coordinating ones again, but this year my heart needs this tree. A tree that symbolizes love. Love for my sweet angel Cali, love for my family who has reached out and supported us so well this last year, love for the goodness of others, and an ever growing love and appreciation for God- for His giving to me that sweet moment last night to again realize the meaning of this season- love, and family- the Savior's mission. I am so looking forward to Christmas this year with little Summer. Her presence in my life has been so healing- she truly is a gift from God. She fills my heart with such joy, love and appreciation. I look forward to all the many steps she will take in life that I get to be a part of and all the many memories that we will make with her. May your Christmas be merry and bright! I'm sure ours will be with this little one to warm our hearts :)

Cali's tree. This tree is all flowers, ribbons, bows, butterflies. etc. I made it last year to take up to her, but with the snow and extreme weather we decided to take her a store bought tree and keep this one for us. I was so excited to get it out this year as I really think it's just so sweet and all the little details make me think of Cali
We made this ornament. On this side it says, "In our arms for a moment, in our hearts forever"
On this side it says, "Cali Koryn 09.05.09"

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Karen and Merrill said...

It's a beautiful tree! Christmas is definitely about love and family. I'm glad Summer is part of your family!