Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Miss Summer turns 1 month!

Summer 1 month old
Little Miss Summer turned 1 month last Monday and what a month it's been! Summer was 8lb 4oz 20.25 inches long when she was born. At her check up on Monday she weighed 9lb 3oz and was 22.5 inches long putting her in the 49th percentile for weight and the 92nd percentile for height! Upon this discovery our nurse promptly said to Thomas and I while looking at Thomas "I wonder where she got that from!" Well, clearly it's not from me! ;)
Miss long body! :) 1 month pic
Summer just 1 week old

Well, some may wonder, "What's life with Summer like?" I should respond with something like "think of a beautiful warm day, a light breeze, relaxing under the shade of a tree, maybe a nice dip in the pool..." But then I'd be lying! :) Life with a newborn is hard work! Boy do I love this little girl but let me tell you, one day I think I have it all together and the very next day just proves me wrong! One day we'll be in total sync together, nursing goes smoothly, naps are golden and she may even sleep for a whole 5 hour chunk! Then the next day it's all out the window and it's like we're starting from scratch! :) But I am so grateful for her! I love her! I love that I get to hold her anytime I want without having to worry about cords or monitors or nurses needing access to her. I love that I get to be her mom. I get to see her grow and develop. I love that she is sharing herself with me. I love how she looks at me. How she smiles at me. I love the many things I get to experience with her that I didn't get to experience with her sister. Cali's life was so brief, there are many things that I have loved experiencing with Summer that I just wonder how it'd be different with Cali. Loving Summer has changed me. Just as loving Cali has. She has given me the world. The world of motherhood that I had only glimpsed with Cali. My heart grows with love for both my girls daily!

So what's life like with Summer? It is a beautiful sometimes stormy day. But, after all it's after the storm that we get the rainbow, and we all know it's worth every drop of rain to get the rainbow.
Summer stating to smile!
PS now that blogger is more user friendly I may actually post more pics! Yay!


Sandy said...

Thomas and Adrienne, she is absolutely precious and beautiful. What a great smile too. And the bedding, wow. I have been craving a baby to hold lately, to coo with, talk to and cuddle with...wish it could be her!

Michelle Michel said...

She is soo adorable. And I totally know what you mean about thinking you finally got it together and the next having it all fall apart. Chloe was a very inconsistant baby. Most people will say "Schedule, schedule schedule" but honestly I take it a day at a time and as time goes it gets a little easier. I LOVE reading your blog. You are such an incredible example to me and I always learn so much from you.

Aimee Hardy said...

She is so beautiful. I am just so happy for you guys.

One Happy Heart Family said...

Time goes by too fast!! I can't believe Summer is all ready 1 month old!!! She is such an adorable little thing!! Glad everything is going great!!! You guys are awesome!!

Bloom Family said...

What a cutie! Thanks for the pics. I've been looking for an update. :) Wish we were closer to see you guys.

The Wiseman Life said...

She is a cutie...I love your post. Made me cry!