Thursday, June 10, 2010

Refelections...It's a long one :)

One year ago today CG had layoffs. We knew they were coming. We had discussed our options in the previous weeks and months and knew that if we were to be laid off the only reasonable option would be to move back to Utah, to stay w/ Thomas' parents until we knew what to do next. We had the plan and yet I don't think either of us ever thought we'd actually need it.

Just the Sunday before this fateful day we had read together Elder Eyring's talk from GC in April about adversity. I loved that talk right away. It spoke right to my heart. I remember wondering out loud what other trials would come our way, with having just found out about Cali's heart a month earlier I wondered what else could possibly come our way.

Well, I found out. It was a job loss, accompanied by an inter-state move while 7 months pregnant.

That day that we were laid off I felt hopeless. I clearly remember looking to Thomas with tears in my eyes saying, "How are we going to do this?" "I can't do this." And Thomas with all the sweetness and love that a young husband can have for his wife said, "We can do it" and put his arms around me.

After reviewing the plan that we had previously discussed we called Thomas' parents and got the ok to come stay with them in their basement apartment for as along as we needed.

The very next day we left for Utah. All along the way we discussed options. CG had been very generous in their severance package, and Thomas and I being the savers that we are felt comfortable with depending on our savings to get us through. It especially helped to have Thomas' parents to stay with to help keep our savings from decreasing too quickly.

The time from here was focused primarily on Cali--on discussing insurance options with moving to Utah, talking to Drs trying to find out if we could transfer all our medical needs to the Intermountain Healthcare system in Utah to have Cali's surgeries at Primary Children’s.

We also of course began discussing work options for Thomas. The first stop was previous offers he'd received at graduation. EchoStar? Epic? Exxon? USAA? At first none of the options seemed to pan out the way we hoped, but it opened another door, another thought, we could stay in Utah. We’d be close to family and with the uncertainty of baby it'd be nice to have the support. So we started our job search around Utah.

By mid July we were settled on Utah for our temporary home. We drove back to California for 1 week to pack, clean and say goodbye to a home we loved, to friendships that were just beginning, and to a year full of happy memories. It was when we were back in California that we learned what Cali's name would be.

It was a sweet moment. Thomas and I in the car reminiscing about our fond memories of our year in California. We thought it'd be great to give our little girl a name that reminded us of such sweetness, & happiness. We tried Alyse, Alice, among others when Cali was brought up (by who I can't even remember!) Thomas took a little while to commit to her name, but I knew right away that that was it. The little girl coming to us would be Cali. And I loved everything that tiny little name meant.

We headed back to Utah with all our belongings not knowing where in life we were truly headed.

Looking back I must admit that that summer had some perks. With Thomas not working we were able to enjoy a very slow pace in life. Receiving comfort from family around us, and from each other.

With all the “anniversary” of dates occurring it is impossible not to look back, review where we’ve been in the last year and of course stand in awe at where we are today. Exactly one year ago I thought I wouldn’t make it through. I am now sitting at my desk (after work!) at USAA, with Thomas working a couple buildings down. I am 7 months pregnant (still!…or rather again ) we have a beautiful new home, we have even more new friendships beginning and it’s all happening here in San Antonio.

Life changes. Many times in ways that we really can’t even imagine before it happens. But what I do know is that through my faith, my sweet husband, my wonderful family “We [did] it!” I am 1 year away from that terrible, difficult day and I am OK. I have many many more “anniversaries” approaching, my desire is to approach them with gratitude for all that my Heavenly Father has given me. I am truly a blessed woman. I just hope that next year at this time when I reflect back on this day I can say, “Boy, that year was easy!” 


Alyssa/Jo said...

That was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

Beautiful post! You and Thomas are so amazing. I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one in a couple of months!

Aimee Hardy said...

We're so happy you guys are doing well in TX and thrilled you are expecting a new baby. I truly hope this next year is much easier than the last. You deserve it. We miss seeing you at the occasional IHH activity but wish you best.

nennermommy said...

Wow! I have tears in my eyes:) I just love that its working out s well. I just wish I was there to spoil your baby with lots of pictures. xoxoxo

The Standrings said...

wow adrienne! you have been through a lot! you are such an amazing example to us all.

The Wiseman Life said...

YOu truly are amazing my dear friend. I am sitting here with tears. Thanks for opening up. You are a great example of blind faith. Glad everything is working out.

Becca said...

I met you at the Paul Cardall concert. I lost a baby back in 2007 and then had our heart baby a year later, due almost the same day. I know what it's like to go through a pregnancy after such a hard time. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. I wish you well with all of the changes and your new pregnancy. I feel that same relief this year versus last year.

Becca-Ellie's mom