Monday, March 15, 2010

Another big move!

So I said to Thomas the other day that I'm just not a natural blogger. I thought I was, but it's been quite difficult for me to sit down and get my thoughts out as of late. After some encouragement from a sister, and then from Thomas I decided I'd better post something. So here it is...

We're moving, again!

Since Thomas was laid off at Capital Group last June he's had a goal to work with USAA, a company in San Antonio, TX that provides military families with insurance and banking options. He had been offered a position with them at the same time he was offered Capital Group and they were our # 1 choice until CG. So I get to be the proud wife and say after a few months of trying to get contacts and work his way back into their sights he has received and accepted a position with them beginning mid April.

This decision hasn't been an easy one for us, as there are many things we needed to consider. I will answer here the question I've been asked by many, "Will it be hard to leave Cali?" YES! That has been the biggest piece of this puzzle. It seems wrong enough already to not have her physically with us daily, but having her so close we are able to go up to see her very often, having that change is a huge sacrifice and leap of faith in doing what we believe is right for us. I love my little girl. I will miss her on an even newer level now that we must leave her resting place.

That srtuggle aside, I am pretty excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead for us. We will be able to buy a house right away as they are quite inexpensive there, which is thrilling! Coming from California where we were struggling to wrap our minds (and budget!) around a $250k 2 bedroom condo it is refreshing to see a beautiful 3-4 bedroom home that we can afford without having to do any major adjusting to our budget!

I'm not sure how many people are out there still following us on here. And honestly I'm not sure I have a whole lot more in me to say on this blog, expect for our little life moments. Things have changed, I have changed. I hope that I can return to my more outgoing self eventually, but as of yet I haven't felt that coming. I have learned through losing Cali the way that I cope, heal, or just try to live through hard things, and a lot of that is in my own quite way. I hope that's ok. Thank you all for what you've given me. Writing my thoughts, and seeing your comments was very helpful. Thank you for giving me that chance to connect. I wish everyone well. I will truly miss our family here in Utah as well as the many wonderful friends that I have made in our church, and through IHH. Heavenly Father truly knew what we would need to be buoyed up after losing Cali and though YOU he provided. I will forever be grateful for the many people who gave so much of themselves in love and prayer to us. Thank you! Now I'm on to the next chapter in my ever changing life. I kinda hope this is a long one. And hopefully boring too :)


Christina said...

Good luck with the move and this new chapter for your family. Keep us posted on exciting events!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Alyssa/Jo said...

That is exciting!! How fun that you'll get to have a new adventure in a place that is so much warmer than here!

I still keep my eye on your blog, so no worries about losing viewers. Good luck to you guys!

for what it's worth, my grandma isn't near to her husbands grave and she says in a way it's a blessing b/c she is able to remember him without the memory of his funeral.

Love ya!

Courtney said...

Good luck with the move, I'm sorry that the last year has been so difficult. I think of you often and hope for the best for you!
(PS. We love USAA, that's our insurance!)

Tyson said...

That is awesome news. Since Janae's Dad is in the military, we have our car insurance with USAA as well as our main credit card. We love USAA, and very excited you get to work there! I've worked in Texas for a summer and just recently for a couple of weeks (although never in San Antonio) and I love it there, and I think you will too. Sorry we haven't kept in better touch, but we still follow your blog and facebook updates. Tell Thomas we say hi.

Brandon and Jacie said...

Wow that sounds so exciting! I am happy for you guys. I think Texas would be a wonderful place to live. I'm jealous you get to move right into a home too. That is awesome! Good luck with the move and finding a home. What an adventure!!!

Margaret said...

One of the hardest things for me, since my sister died 19 years ago, was not being able to go to her grave site. Edith was buried in Bountiful, Utah, close to her kids and husband. It was hard not to have some place to go after she died, especially the first anniversary.

I took my mom and we went to the Toronto Temple grounds. My mom wasn't endowed at the time (you probably remember my step-mom better then my mom) and so we could not go in. We just walked the ground and sat on the benches. We felt my sister's sweet spirit there. That is still the place (the Temple, doesnt matter which one) I go to feel her near me.

I have still not been to my sister's grave, I want to and one day I will. Just as I finally went to my dad's grave, but those are just resting places for their bodies.

Huge hugs for you both. I hope your move goes well.

Margaret (Burnfield) Henderson

kathy said...

I wish you luck, love, and happiness in your new home. It's always hard to leave a loved one, but visiting Cali now will be a cherished event for you to look forward to. Don't worry about her being alone. A little piece of your heart will always be here with her, and I think she knows that.

nennermommy said...

I find myself really sad your leaving:( But I am so excited for your adventure and I think its the right thing for you!

As for Cali, I will go visit her and I will take fresh flowers for the

her spirit will follow you but I will make sure her view here stays beautiful and let her know how much I love her.

I hope you can keep blogging I love reading them and I just respect and look up to you two. Seeing what your Angel has done for you! said...

Good luck with this new chapter in your life. It sounds very exciting. Please continue to write every once in a while. (When you feel like it.) I love how blogs keep us all connected.

Bloom Family said...

Congrats on the job! It sounds like it will be great. I always hear everyone loves it down there. I hope you do continue a blog, so we can keep up with your adventures in this new chapter of your life! How wonderful to be able to buy a nice house that is affordable! Some day we'll be able to buy a house ... some day. :)

Amber said...

Hey Thomas and Ady!
Welcome to TX. This is Dan who graduated w/Thomas from BYU. Amber and I live in Houston--just 3 hours away. Congrats on your new job w/USAA. That's great. Good luck with the move and get in touch with me when you are down here. We're always up for visitors.

Jackie said...

Wonderful! Congrats. USAA is a fabulous company, and we're super happy for you.

I'm sure Cali is cheering for you. :)

One Happy Heart Family said...

Congrats!! What and exciting thing!!! I am so proud of you guys! Thats really awesome!!

Janae Walker said...

yeah for a job with usaa! we love them! we have some accounts with them since my dad was in the military. seriously, the nicest people! thomas will fit right in :) keep up the blogging...i know we don't talk on the phone, but i do check your blog. it's nice to hear what is happening.

shay said...

you'll love san antonio! too bad all us pruetts just moved away from austin bc they are only 1.5 hours away!!! also, we use USAA and i love them! good luck on your new adventures! from my point of view, it sounds like a great move!