Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Cali's 2 Month Birthday...

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Cali...

Before it all began!

Thomas and I so excited for Cali to join us!

Cali's 1st Picture

This is her first picture. She's in the NICU at the University Hospital here getting cleaned up. Maybe not the best picture, but I love that she's looking right at you! I think she looks a bit upset, maybe she's thinking, "Why on earth did you force me out like that?!" :) She was pretty well as "forced out" as possible!

A Quick Visit

After getting cleaned up @ the NICU, the LifeFlight team brought her to me for a little visit. She was so cute curled up in her little isolette. After this little visit Thomas walked across the bridge, with Cali and her Lifeflight team, to Primary Children's PICU.

Bubble Queen!

This is Sunday morning. Cali was blowing bubbles like crazy! It was way cute! So she earned her first nick-name, bubble queen. Thomas and I are big on nick-names, we rarely call each other by our first names, it's always babe, hon, deary-doo (a family favorite!) Even our dog has nick-names, Ellie-bellie, Ells Bells, and so on. I'm pretty happy that Cali was "initiated" properly to the family, by receiving her very own nick-name!

Pretty baby!

Monday morning, she was intubated all day monday, so we weren't able to hold her that day, but we got to look at her sweet little face all we wanted!

Cherry Girl

So calm and peaceful, Cali was a very happy baby, she rarely ever cried despite all that she had to put up with (see the cords by her body, each one of those went into an IV either in her hand or belly button). When Cali would start to fuss she was easily calmed down by being rocking, rubbed, or "shh"ed.

Snuggle Bug

Cali loved to be held just like this! She would snuggle right in and stay that way as long as she was being held!

Teasing with her soother

I LOVE this one, it's one of my favorite, we have a series of about 10 pictures taken one right after the other and she has the cutest faces in them! This one's my fav, tho!

She also loved her chest to be rubbed, up and down.

Bath Time!

On Tuesday night Thomas and I got to give Cali a little sponge bath. She wasn't too thrilled throughout most of it, but she loved it when I squeezed the water over her head! It totally relaxed her! We had a great time with her that night!

Baby Burrito!

Cali loved to be wrapped up nice and tight, just like this!

Staring up at daddy!

Cali loved to open her eyes for daddy. She loved hearing his voice!

A Close Up

This is a close up of her looking at her daddy. Isn't she beautiful! She had so much hair, beautiful dark blue eyes and a perfect complexion, her skin was so smooth and even.

Grandma Love

My mom practically lived at the hospital with us! She helped make sure that there was always one of us at the hospital with Cali. We didn't want to be too far, especially after her surgery and mom spent more than a couple nights sleeping at the hospital. Thanks mom. I know Cali just loved you!

Daddy Love!

Mommy Love!

Family Love!

My dear, sweet Cali girl,
Hard to believe it's been 2 months since you entered the world! What a day that was! I wasn't sure if you were ever going to make it out! It was quite the struggle, but at 9:50pm when I first got to meet you I knew it was all worth it! What a week we had! It was such a hard week for me. All I wanted was to be with you and your daddy. But I was in pain recovering and all. It hurts my heart to think that the 1 week I got to spend with you I wasn't 100% able. But, we made do, and even though I was having a tough time physically, we sure had a great week together. Thank you for sharing that time with me. I will forever remember and cherish that 1 week we had. Thank you for being my sweet baby girl. I wish so bad that I could hold you and love you here, right now. But I know that cannot be. Just know that today is all about you, on your birthday. I wonder what you'd be like today, if you were still here. I don't know what a 2 month old baby is like. I wish I could know. But, your dad and I will make the most of today. We're coming up for a visit later. Maybe you'll be there? Oh, Cali, I just love you so. Please always remember how much I love you! Happy Birthday.

your mommy <3


The Mathews Family said...

I wish I could give you a big hug right this minute. You're writing always makes me feel so much. Thank you for including us in Cali's life and your memories. I'll keep Cali in my thoughts and heart all day today (and mum and dad, too). I hope it's a great one! Love you.
-Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing. You guys are amazing. My favorite is Cali's first picture, with that chubby little smile and her adorable fingers. I hope your day goes well.

AzĂșcar said...

I love these pictures! She packed so much into her life.

hazel and ej said...

a very heartfelt post... thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl..
may you have peace and joy as you celebrate this special day..

nennermommy said...

So Sweet!!! Happy 2 month Cali!! Thomas and Adrienne I love you two! Thank you for letting me be apart of your baby girls life!!!! I love those pictures I can see her personality she is Amazing just like her mommy and daddy......XOXOXOXO

Kelsey said...

so cute! happy 2 months Cali!

Stan and Jenn Nicolaysen said...

I love her pictures! They are all so cute. I also love the part about going to see her and wondering if she'll maybe be there. I am positive she was! :) what girl couldn't be when her parents are so amazing and love her so much?! I bet she enjoys watching you from day to day!

arae said...

I wanted to thank you for your advice on IHH. Your daughter was so beautiful. I am sorry that anyone else has had to go through anything like we have. At least we had the blessing of knowing such sweet little spirits. -Arae

Diana said...

I was referred to your blog by Sue (one of your followers) and also your sister’s brother-in-law (I think) and I was eager to hear your story because I also had a baby born a few months ago with HLHS. I am very grateful to connect with other heart families, especially those who have lost a child. I felt a huge array of emotions as I read about your story and relived many memories, happy and sad.

Your Cali is beautiful—such beautiful dark curls! I love the picture of her next to her bear. I am touched by your faith and the optimism you shared in your blog through your pregnancy and her surgeries. I also love the words to “I Am A Child of God” sung at her funeral. Thanks for sharing so much of your feelings and sharing even the hard days. I loved the 2 month birthday thoughts, and reading your blog reminded me of my own little Merideth. I would love to correspond with you further. My email is and Merideth’s blog is

Mom LeBaron said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate Cali's 2 month birthday. Her special day will always be a sweet and tender memory for me. I can still picture, in my mind, the prettiest rainbow in the most amazing sky.

Sue said...

Hey, I have been checking in on your blog for a while but never commented until now. I haven't known what to say. But yesterday was my Sam's 2 month birthday and I loved to read your post about Cali's 2 month birthday.
I wish we could both be holding sweet little 2 month old babies, but I guess that's not how it goes.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that even though we are strangers, I have been praying for your peace and comfort. Our babies share angel days and I'd like to think maybe they are friends. I hope that doesn't sound weird coming from a complete stranger. I just like to think of my Sam surrounded by other special spirits, and I think Cali must be pretty special.
My e-mail is if you want to chat!

Katy-the-Lady said...

I am Diana Smart's sister-in-law (Merideth's Aunt). What a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing your story!!! We have all been forever changed by Merideth's short life. It's amazing the impact these little heart babies can make!