Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am a Child of God for the parents

This is the special version of "I am a Child of God" that my cousin sang for us at Cali's funeral. The words are so beautiful. I love the last verse, the image of Cali leading, guiding, and walking along side us is so touching. I hope you can appreciate these words like we have.

I am a child of God and He has called me home.
My earthly journey's through but still, I do not walk alone.
He leads me, guides me, walks beside me, helps me find the way,
He welcomed me with open arms. I live with Him today.

I am a child of God and I have gone ahead.
My earthly life was brief but oh, such peace and love you gave.
You loved me, held me, stood beside me and though I cannot stay.
You gave me much to help me and I live with Him today.

I am a child of God and I will wait for you.
Celestial glory shall be ours, if you can but endure.
I'll lead you, guide you, walk beside you.
Help you find the way.
I'll welcome you with open arms
One bright Celestial day.

~Donna Kulliard


AJ said...

Those words are so beautiful. I am so thankful I was able to be there for the celebration of Cali's life. I feel honored to have met her, and can't wait to see her again in heaven. My love and prayers are with you.

Debbie said...

I am so glad you posted the words to the song. It was very touching. I was grateful that I could watch the services at home last week. Thank you for making that possible.

carolyn q said...

Reading those words brought big tears to my eyes. What a special family she has. Yes, Celestial Glory will be yours. What a joyous day it will be when we are all reunited with our sweet little ones.

Stan and Jenn Nicolaysen said...

I think those words are perfect! Thank you for sharing your video on here. It was wonderful to watch and see her sweet face. I hope you know how much my heart aches for you both. I have been thinking about you two all week. My heart goes out to you when you talked in your post about the funeral, that you feel the whole world should stop. I hope you know that there have been times in my day where I HAVE stopped and stood still and thought about your breaking hearts and in that moment, all my effort of prayer is yours. That isn't what you meant by that, I know. But I hope that it gives you some comfort knowing that throughout the course of the day, various people, all around are you that know you guys are stopping and thinking of you! :)

Julia said...

Hi Adrienne- I don't think we really know each other, but I was in your ward in Aliso Viejo and just heard about your loss. I just looked at your blog and am heartbroken beyond words for you. I have a good friend from HS who also lost a child (a little girl who was almost 2). Although your stories are different, I think it must help to have others who know what you're feeling and going through. She is also starting a blog about loss where people can share and find friendships and comfort. Her name is Molly and her blog is I hope together you can both find peace and know how much you are loved. You are in my prayers. Much love- Julia Barker

michelle said...

Hey Adrienne, I think you should post Thomas' talk from the funeral. It was so touching...I would love to read about Cali's brief life again. I love all your posts about her.