Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cali is here!

Hey everyone. Sorry that we haven't updated yet. We have been extremely busy for the last 48 hours. We've hardly even had time to sleep.

Well here's the news you have all been waiting for. Cali Koryn was born last night, 9/5/09, at 9:50. It was a very long process and Cali really didn't want to leave the safety of the womb. When she came we only had a few seconds with her because they wanted to rush her over to the Neonatal ICU. Shortly after I was able to visit her and get a little quality time with her. She is a beautiful little girl at 8 lbs 6.5 oz. He has a good bit of hair and it is quite curly.

Since delivery they have been testing, checking and double checking Cali. We have received a bit of bad news regarding Cali's heart. They confirmed the diagnosis of HLHS but during the EKG they had a very difficult time finding the pulmonary veins. This could be very bad because without those veins there is probably not much that can be done for Cali. So we have opted to have an exploratory procedure in which a catheter is used to find out the exact anatomy of her heart. This is risky, but necessary step in being able to continue on as we had hoped. Cali is currently undergoing the procedure so we ask for your prayers and hope sent our way. We will try to update later tonight. Thanks for all of your support.

PS. You can check out some pics here:


Melissa said...

I hope that the cath reveals the parts she needs for surgeries. Best of Luck!
Melissa - IHH

Single Girl said...

congrats! She is a cutie. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

♥ Celina

Aimee Hardy said...

Thanks for the update. We've been worried all day. Cali is absolutely beautiful. Our prayers are with you, Cali and all the doctors caring for her.

Bethany said...

thinking and praying for sweet cali!

Bloom Family said...

We prayed and fasted for you guys today. We love you guys and are thinking about your little one. Cali looks so sweet and beautiful. How fun that Cali has curly hair!

The Taylors said...

Congrats!!! What a beautiful little girl! I love the pictures. I am glad the cath went well. Thank you for updating, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Go Cali! Love that she is so big. That is how Kylie was (9lbs 10oz)and it just helped her out. Someone in the PICU actually called her a moose! Praying all goes well, how are you doing? Its hard to remember to take care of Mommy! Hope you are doing good!