Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another nice day

Hey everyone. We have had another nice relaxing day with Cali today. We have been able to hold and cuddle a lot. We were a little dissapointed that she wasn't going in to surgery today but while we were holding her today she decided to open up her eyes and peek at us. It was great.

As for tomorrows events, we'll be ariving at the hospital early in the morning. Cali will head off to the OR around 7:15 or so. The surgery is expected to last until the afternoon and we should be getting updates every hour or two. We'll try to keep the blog updated pretty frequently but don't get alarmed if we go for a bit without updates. We'll have a lot going on. 

This is a very complex surgery and due to some unique vein structure it is a little more complicated. Please pray for the surgical team so that they can work swiftly and accurately. They are amazing people and we know that our prayers can help extend their abilities. Thanks again for all of your support. 


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Aimee Hardy said...

Cali, you, and the Dr.'s will be in our prayers all day. They are amazing people and will do a wonderful job with her. Who is your surgeon?

Thomas said...

The primary surgeon will be Dr. Burch. He will be assisted by Dr. Kaza.

Daniel said...

I forwarded Julie's email update to a bunch more Turner Ward members and many, including our entire family, Zack and his BYU roommates will be fasting and praying for Cali.

Christina said...

I hope all goes smoothly today. Dr Burch assisted on our Jacob's surgery. Glad you had some good cuddle time with Cali.

Hugs & Prayers,

Jackie said...

We're praying for you!

nennermommy said...

I am praying!!! xoxo

carolyn q said...

Just checking in to see if there has been an update yet.
I am praying that all goes well for Cali and the Doctors involved will be directed from Heaven above to do what is needed.