Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Primary Childrens

So we had our fetal echo last week. Due to the baby's size (being that she was 36 weeks along) it was difficult to get a clear view of her heart, so in essence we know about what we knew before, from our 20 week echo. So there's no news there.

As for the tour of Primary Children's that was really great. We found out that the heart babies actually go into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Primarys instead of the typical NICU. There are about 30 beds (with a 12 bed cardiac unit extension taking place)with children of all ages in PICU. We got to see a little HLHS baby with all the machines, monitors, tubes & IVs. It was difficult to see but yet so helpful to have an idea of what to expect before our baby is in there.

We also found out that because of how they schedule the surgery at Primarys and how they have the babies go to "step down" before going home we're now looking at about a 6 week hospital stay. I was shocked to hear that. In California we were told to expect about 3 weeks, now we're double that which puts us to the middle of October for a release date! But, as Thomas pointed out it just means that they're that much more careful, and by the time we do get sent home we'll really be ready.

We are now less than 4 weeks away! I can hardly believe it. When I fold her clothes, or go into her room I have such mixed feelings. I am so excited to meet her, to hold her, to study every little inch of her. But that scares me too. She has so much to go through, she needs to be so strong. I just pray that she will have Heavenly help to get her little body through all it's challenges. And I can't wait until the day comes that we get to bring her home, to put on all the cute outfits waiting for her, and to enjoy all the sweet moments we get!


shay said...

i'm excited for that day too! meanwhile, we'll just keep praying and waiting!!!

Janae Walker said...

hope everything is going well for you guys! she will definitely need as much strength as you can give her. but, she already appears to be a fighter :) we find out if it's a boy/girl on monday!

Jenny Lincoln said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would drop you a line of support! Our little girl, Aly Jean, was born 6 weeks ago with HLHS. She had her first surgery 6 days after birth and then another a week later to "revise" the shunt they put in and she is doing GREAT!! We've been home for 2 weeks now and we're having a great time! I know how hard what you're about to go through is and my best advice to you is to stay positive. I think our positive attitude partnered with lots of prayers helped our little girl stay so strong. We will keep you and your sweet baby girl in our thoughts and prayers!

Adrienne Orrock said...

Jenny, thank you! I am so happy for you and your little Aly. I have just added you to my reader so I can keep up with her progress. I will back read thru your blog so I can see your journey thru this but for now, did you go thru the Univeristy of Michigan in Ann Arbor? I know it's one of the best out there. Thank you for your advice, and prayers I do know that they truly help our little heart babies! Looking forward to getting to know you!