Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A reason for the lack in posting...

I've had a hard time trying to sit down and update here. So much has happened in our little family. Just over a month ago Thomas' work (Capital Group Companies) had lay offs that resulted in 15% of the company being let go. Thomas was one of the lucky 15. The program that he was in was just cut right out, including his manager and all the way up the chain. We had known that lay offs were coming up so we discussed what we would do if we happened to be laid off. With rent being incredibly expensive in Southern California we had decided that should we lose Thomas' job we'd move back to Provo, with Thomas' parents and look for work from there. So last week we officially moved in. We are so fortunate that his parents have a basement apartment in the back side of their house that just happened to be available. This will allow us privacy, and our own space, which I am grateful for.

So the last month and a bit have been spent making big decisions. The new doctor that I referred to in the post just prior to this one is here in Utah. We have worked out a plan to deliver at the University of Utah so the baby can go to Primary Children's right away (as the 2 hospitals are connected).

I have said to some people that God didn't feel like our first "bit of news" was challenging me enough. I did feel like I could handle it, and was fairly calm about the whole thing. With the added news I have struggled. Thomas and I LOVED California. We had a great life there, and I am sad to have to leave that part of our lives so quickly. But, even sill, with this new challenge I have faith that God is putting us where we need to be. Maybe not for mine & Thomas' ease or comfort, but for baby.

It's been hard having to tell people about this added bit of news, it's a lot to swallow. But to ease any concerns for us just know that Thomas' severance package was quite generous, so we are not concerned about making it through this time financially. Also, and quite possibly most important is that we have continued our insurance coverage, which is a really great plan (there will be no out of pocket expense for the delivery or the surgeries) and we can keep this until Thomas finds a new job.

That leads me to this...we are now looking for opportunities for Thomas in the Information Technology field, pretty well anywhere in the west (ie Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho...) Please keep us in mind if you hear of anything he may qualify for. We know the best way to find work is thru connections and networking. If there's any info you can give us please email either of us.We'd love any help we can get.

As for baby news, we have our last fetal echo tomorrow. It's up at Primary Children's so while we're there we get to have a tour of the NICU. It'll feel good to have a visual of where we'll be so soon (less than 5 weeks now!)

Lastly, please keep us in your prayers. Like I said earlier, this added news and change has been a true challenge for me. We have so much on our plates right now. I know that we will get thru all of this, but I also know that we need help to do it. I'll try to post more regularly again soon!


Jae said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry that all had to happen to you! When it rains, it pours. Near the end of my pregnancy, I got all sorts of bad news (Justin's work cut his salary and our super awesome insurance!) and I would just laugh and think, well, what else? Of course, it all turned out for the best, and I see reasons for why everything happened. Hindsight IS 20/20!

As a sidenote though, Andrew's cardiologist was from U of U and he was AMAZING. His name was Dr. Su and he was one of the best docs we dealt with. U of U health care is awesome :)

Good luck at the NICU! It was so helpful for us to see where we were going to be for a while, and ask all of our questions about the procedures and policies, and where we could stay and all of that. It was shocking too though in a way. The NICU is such a real place!

I'm glad to hear an update! I was wondering how everything was going. If you ever need someone to bounce NICU stress off of, I'm only twenty mins away! lol. We'll for sure keep you and your family in our prayers.

PS: Longest. Comment. Ever.

Jackie said...

You two are SO in our prayers. What a rough go.

I know the NICU at Primary Children's is excellent, and I'm certain Heavenly Father's got a great plan in store for you.

Jen said...

So proud that you were so calm with all of that big news. I'm excited you're back in UT!! I'm just in Orem so please let me know how I can help. I'd love to :)

The Mathews Family said...

You guys really have had so much put on your shoulders over the last little while. If anyone knows the comfort and peace that the Lord can provide during our trials... it's you and Thomas. I know that you'd give it all back in a heartbeat rather then go through these trials but just know that through this you both have been such great examples of faith and grace to a lot of people. (And it's okay to have meltdowns thrown in there, too!!) We'll keep praying for you guys and for baby. I'm happy that you guys will be closer so that we can sincerely offer any help that you might need. Lots of love.

The Standrings said...

man- i am so sorry about all of these mishaps. i really hope that everything starts settling down a little. primary children's is an amazing place. we spent a couple days there for our little guy. good luck and you're in my thoughts.

jen and michael said...

Welcome back to Utah, and we certainly will keep you in our prayers!

Angela said...

Wow. Hey if you want to meet up some time for lunch or just to meet up, let's so we can talk babies. Sorry I wasn't there at the Sunday date.

Staci Lynn said...

Sorry for all the craziness! I'm still in Provo, so if I can help with anything, please let me know. Since you'll be delivering here, my friend, Alli, might be of some service(the one from the blog I sent you when you first found out). They moved/are moving to Idaho Falls, but she delivered and had the same hospital set up as you...she's also very well rehearsed in doctors, staff, and procedures. Hope that helps some. Love you! You're in my prayers.

Michelle Michel said...

I wish you the best of luck and know that everything will turn out just as Heavenly Father had planned. I will sure miss you and hope to hear from you soon!

michelle said...

What a miracle that you were able to keep your insurance!! Seriously, what a miracle. This too shall pass, right? But I know that sometimes it feels like that passing can't come soon enough. It's okay to be heartbroken and scared...a lot of people are right now.

Bloom Family said...

I'm sorry about Thomas' job.
I was happy to read you get to keep your insurance, and what great coverage. I guess all things considered .. that is quite a blessing! You guys are sure in our prayers, and I can't believe how soon baby will be here! I think we ought to see a pic of this cute pregnant girl before baby's here! :)

Adrienne Orrock said...

Thanks all, you guys are great!

Jacqueline, you're right. the cardiologists up at the U are great, I can tell already, and Primary Children's seems really great. I couldn't be happier with how things have worked out in that department!

Staci, I have been keeping up with Grant this whole time (I feel like we're practically related, as I know so much about what's going on with them.) It's been a great resource and has opened the door to many other heart families too.

Angela, yes, let's get together. I'll email you, maybe we can get your sisters in on it too :)

Everyone else, thank you for your prayers, and all the offers of support. It truly means a lot to us!