Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California Heart Connection Picnic!

On Sunday Thomas and I got to attend our first CA Heart Connection event, it was their annual picnic. It was a GREAT event! The organization is designed to help support families with children with CHDs (congenital heart defects). We were able to meet lots of families and children with all different CHDs, and a handful of families with our same CHD- Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. We met a 24 year old girl who was the first at the Children's hospital of LA to receive the 3 step surgery and survive! We meet a couple of toddlers, one who's been to CHOC (where we'll have our surgery done). And many many kind parents who gave us advice, and support. I am so grateful for those people who reach out to others. This experience is truly teaching me the value of sharing personal experiences to help others get thru similar times. Thomas and I both felt quite overwhelmed after the picnic, but in the best possible way. We know we have a tough road ahead, but I now know all these families who have done it too, and they're doing OK. The children I met seemed like "normal" kids, running and playing, laughing and smiling. It gave me such hope for the life our daughter may lead.

We have just 12 weeks left until D-day. And next week we have another appointment with the Perinatologist to see how her little heart is doing. Please continue to pray for her arteries, and for her heart to grow as close to normal size as possible. I know that God answers prayers. I know that He is right here with us, every day, helping us to be strong, sending us angels to help us along our path. I know that God has an individual plan for everyone of His children, and He sets us out on certain paths to teach us, to help us grow so we can in turn become like Him and help others. And most importantly I know that our path doesn't end with death. Our lives and our families are eternal, when we choose God's way. For that I am forever grateful for. Thank you for your continued love and support, we'll update after our appointment next week!

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Kelsey said...

You are always in our thoughts and prayers! I am excited to watch Ellie and so is Bella!