Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 09

Thomas and I had a great holiday yesterday. I am ALL about paid holidays...something about getting paid while doing fun things really motivates me to cram all sorts of fun into one day. So here's our Memorial Day...

We started out making a yummy breakfast (do you like the heart shaped eggs? awesome eh?)

Then we headed out to Boomers for some free Mini golf. We got 2 coupons for a free game each from a street fair earlier in the month. Nothing better than free fun!

Then we checked out these guys.

We got some cheap tickets and had a great time (even tho the Angels played HORRIBLY!) But, Thomas got a hot dog, I ate too much candy, we cheered, we anticipated and we had an awesome night.
The post-game show!


jlbunting.com said...

You guys are too cute. And it looks like you know how to have fun!

cbridge said...

I am so with you on trying to have as much fun as possible when getting paid to do it. We tried to cram a lot in our day as well. It looks like you guys did a great job of getting some awesome activities in. Fun!