Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family & Friends Day of Fasting/ Prayer

First off, my mom sent me this link. It's a great hopeful story of a man who was diagnosed with HLHS as a baby, had the 3 surgeries (and a few more) and is now 30 years old. He talks about his quality of life. Great story.

As for a quick update. There hasn't been much this last week. We are in the process of receiving authorization to switch over our medical treatment to the Children's Hospital, which means new OB for me, meeting our surgeon, and getting to know our new hospital. When the authorization clears we'll be able to make those appointments. We are really anxious to be able to talk with these doctors. We have had many questions come up this last week, so it will be great to get some answers.

We have also been introduced into a whole new world this week, the Heart Family world, and what a help it's been. We have found a whole network of people who have children with HLHS and other CHDs who share their experience via blogs. I have been able to connect with a few of them, and it has given us information on what to expect after birth, after surgeries, and at home with baby. At times it's been a little too much for us, mostly when the stories have an abrupt ending, but overall the blogs are giving us hope. Hope that we can be strong, hope that our baby can be strong, hope that our doctors and hospital may perform as best they can, and hope that Heavenly Father hears prayers. My testimony in prayer has increased as I have read of countless times families and friends have prayed for these little Heart Babies, and Heavenly Father has listened, granting the babies more strength than I think we'll ever truly know.

Lastly, there have been many who have expressed a desire to know how they can help. We've found a way! :) We will be having a fast/ day of prayer on Sunday (May 3rd) for our little girl, and would love to invite any and all who would like to participate. The heart has already completed it's development however it is still growing. Our prayer is that her arteries will grow to a healthy size to make the surgery on her heart possible without first having to enlarge the arteries. We go in for a check up on the arteries and veins at 32 weeks along, the doctor will then decide if we need the added surgery then. We are so grateful for all the prayers offered in our behalf. I KNOW they are working. We feel strong, we feel calm, we feel God's love for us, and we feel grateful for His plan, and for our little girl. Please keep 'em comin'! :)

3 comments: said...

It's good to hear there are so many resources and a big support group out there. You little girl is a special little lady. We will be thinking of you on Sunday (but I'm going to eat if that's ok with you :)

James said...

I started catching up on your blog and I'm sorry to hear about your little girl. Amy and I will be fasting and praying for her and we hope everything goes well at your next doctor's appointment. It sounds like your surgeon is very qualified and will do an excellent job.

Amanda and Steve said...

I hope you heard our grumbling tummies and felt our prayers from Florida!