Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top 8 of 08

08 will be remembered by some as a tough year, with the economic crisis, the mortgage, foreclosure crisis and a lot of political concerns. I choose however to remember 08 as a great year for me and my family. So here's my...

TOP 8 of 2008

8. Falling in love again
This is an old pic, but I love it!

What a year! So much happened in our little family and throughout all of it, the good stuff and the hard stuff I have found myself falling in love with my Thomas again and again. Especially with moving so far from any family or friends, we have really turned to each other. We have done more together than I think either one planned on (watching football for me, and shopping & girly movies for Thomas!) But that has made us appreciate each other more!

7. Ellie
When we moved to California Thomas' sister, Lindsey, and his parents let us take Ellie with us and what a blessing she's been. We go out on walks every day, twice a day! We have loved having her around to play with and get so excited to see us when we come home! She's just a part of the fam now!

6. Working in the Temple
What a blessing it has been to serve in the House of the Lord. It has been a great experience for me to learn more of the promises our Heavenly Father makes and to see so often from an eternal perspective that families are forever, that He loves His children too much to not have a plan set in place for them to return. I am so grateful for many lessons learned in the Temple.

5. Travel
This summer we were able to do a lot of traveling we went to :
Page, AZ, Michigan, Toronto, Portland, & Oregon Coast. Then in August I got to go to Austria. We sure love to travel, see family, and experience new things!

4. Trina's Wedding
One reason for our summer travels was my sister, Trina's wedding. She and Mark were married in June in Woodstock, a small town outside of Toronto. It was a beautiful wedding, and all that were there had a great time. And we all love having Mark as part of the family!

3. California

All who know me well know my love for California, it began a long time ago, probably when my family first took me to Disneyland and the beach, and it is still a strong love today. California has it's faults, like anywhere else, but I have been quite surprised how easily I have to come call this place home. I love being so close to the ocean and Disneyland. Thomas and I have been taking full advantage of our season passes by attending about twice a month! And just for Christmas Thomas bought me a book with all the "behind the scenes" info! So now that'll accompany us too when we go! Can't wait to get back there, it's been too long!

2. Graduation

After all those years of hard work, Thomas graduated! It was a great day for all, for him, for his proud wife, and parents!

1. CG

And for the one thing that has made a lot of the others on this list possible, or just sweeter, Thomas' job. This may be the greatest blessing of 08 (and we hope it continues on past 08!) Especially in times of trouble we are extremely grateful for Thomas job and say prayers of gratitude of it frequently as we recognize it's great value.

2008 was a great year for me in terms of personal growth. I had many experiences that challenged me, pushed me, and some that even made me cry (no surprise, again, to those that know me!) But, I am SO thankful for everyone of those experiences, though challenging, they have helped to make me a little bit stronger, a little bit better, and a lot happier. My goal to kick of the New Year is to remember, to remember who I am, what I REALLY want out of life, what I have learned and what I hope to be!

Happy New Year!


michelle said...

It sounds like you had an amazing year. This guy bore his testimony in church the other day and talked about how every year he would look forward to the new year and at the end of the year he would look back and realize that it was another bad year...(or something to that effect). That was a bummer testimony. I'm glad you are looking at the positives because life really is good even when it sucks.
So how are you?? I am back in Utah....crazily enough...and trying to find a job. I hope I can come visit sunny California soon and then maybe we can catch up!

Jeff and Nichole said...

You are so great! You really are.
I loved this. Thank you


Kayz said...

That was SUCH a fantastic post!!! =) I loved it! I love that you guys are just living it up (traveling the world, working in the temple, falling in love over and over, owners of a cutie dog, etc, etc!!!). Miss ya girl. Kali

James and Amy said...

Wow, we leave you guys for two years and look at all the fun things you've done without us!!! We really need to fly out there and see you. Glad to hear that everything is going so well!