Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Give Thanks in All Things

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. It was so GREAT to spend time with Thomas' family. We certainly were a small group, but our success was not defined by numbers. I've decided that I really love Thanksgiving. One of the great blessings in my life right now is attending my Tuesday religion class. We are studying the New Testament and I love it. I feel like attending this class and working in the Temple has invited the Spirit into my life stronger than ever. And because of that Spirit I believe I am feeling more gratitude in my life. There are many blessings that Thomas and I enjoy, all of our needs are met, we live in a beautiful place, we have wonderful families and friends, and of course we have the gospel. In times of discouragement, when I allow myself to feel sad over the one thing I want and don't have, I have to remind myself to "count my blessings." And it helps me, mostly it helps me to keep trusting in the Lord, His will and His timing, and that helps me to not get discouraged. I am truly grateful for the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and closing with Christmas. This time of year I feel an extra boost of love, gratitude, joy and optimism. I hope that all your Thanksgiving celebrations were as wonderful as ours!

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Jeff and Nichole said...

I concur.
Thanks Adrienne.