Friday, November 21, 2008

Disneyland Lovers Read!! Expansion Info!!

Disney's California Adventure is expanding! Yay! While at the park(s) last night we found out that California Adventure is expanding over the Lion King Parking Lot. They're adding a whole new "land" take a look at the map to see what it is!
You can click the pic (or any pic!) to see a larger image!!

It's CARS Lands!! Exciting eh? We watched a movie about the changes at California Adventure:

Cars Land with Radiator Springs Racers ride, Luigi's Tire Ride and more!
Ariel's Under Water Adventure ride will take riders under water!
A New evening water fountain show with lights, music etc. Think Belagio with a twist!
Buena Vista St. at the main entrance, it'll look like old time LA...

Anyways, pretty exciting stuff. I think the first scheduled completion date was in 2010, the rest were 2011 and 2012 (Cars land is 2012).

Also, the parks were all decorated for the holidays so we got some pics of all that!


Jeff and Nichole said...

Hey Adrienne!

I found your blog on the FOngs!! It sounds like you're living the dream! So fun! Hey, Jeff and I were planning on going to DisneyLand in April or May, so we'll have to come and visit you!
If you get this while you're still in Provo, call us. we'd love to see you guys!

Adrienne Orrock said...

Hey Nichole, you guys should stay with us when you come! We would LOVE to see you guys and hang out! We were going to attend our old ward when we were in Provo, but then I got pretty sick on Sunday and didn't make it out of bed. I missed being able to see you!