Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 Weeks to Thanksgiving!

I am thankful...

1. that in 3 weeks I will be in Page, AZ celebrating Thanksgiving with Thomas' family! And in a month and a half I'll be in Michigan with my family!
2. for the chance to work in the Temple and the wonderful friendships that I am making with the workers there
3. that our move to California has been the easiest move I've made may have to do with the fact that it's the only time I've ever moved with my best friend with me :)
4. for my coworkers at Mervyns & the office. I have had some great talks with some great people that I otherwise wouldn't have met.
5. for the Aliso Viejo ward, and the Laguna Niguel stake. What a blessing it has been to associate with such great people
6. my Tuesday AM class. I have learned so much for the bible, and my testimony has grown
7. all the beauty that surrounds me. Fall here in Orange County is unlike any other fall I've experienced, but even tho we're lacking in the color changing department, I have truly appreciated the beauty that continues into the fall and winter.
8. to live so close to the beach. I love the beach. I love to go with Thomas and Ellie on walks there, and again take in the beauty of God's creations.
9. for my family. I love my mum & dad, sisters, brother, and brother-in-laws. I hope that I can be like my mum 7 dad and have a big family so that I can enjoy the adult relationships, like I have with my mum, dad, sisters & brother.
10. for Thomas' job. Times are tough in this great country, no one can truly feel secure right now, but I thank God that we have Thomas' job now, whatever the future may bring.

Even though it's 3 weeks out I wish all people a Happy Thanksgiving. It is most important when times are tough to find things to be positive and happy about! Happy Turkey Day :)

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Julie said...

ADY, we are excited also to spend some time with you (and Thomas and Ellie). We count the addition of you into our family as one of our biggest blessings. Love you!