Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever!

So yesterday was my birthday and a big one at that...25!! That's right I am officially a QUARTER CENTURY OLD! Well, as many people know I LOVE birthdays. I think it's just such a great excuse to celebrate and let someone know how much you care for them. Well, I was the lucky recipient of those feelings yesterday. I had many calls, emails, facebook posts & even an online "party" with some family! But, I must say that the icing on this birthday cake was my amazing adventure yesterday. Thomas is on a business trip that took him from California yesterday so he wasn't able to be with me on my day. So what he did was plan my WHOLE day for me! That's right I was up at 6:30 and was busy until 8pm! So I want to tell you all about my great day!

Thomas being the handy-computer-tech-savvy man that he is got me all set up with our GPS that led me to all different places and once I arrived at the location Thomas' voice would come through the speakers and tell me about the place that I arrived, a memory about that place, and even tell me what to do there. So here's how to went:

Stop #1: Birthday Breakfast @ Capital Group
Thomas took me to breakfast at CG which was GREAT! I had french toast with whipped cream and OJ! Then we had to say goodbye, Thomas took his suitcase, gave me the GPS, a few envelopes to be opened only at the proper time, and I headed on my way.

When I got to the car the GPS came on with Thomas' voice telling me about the first time we came to CG together. He told me about how much he loves introducing me to others. I'll spare you from the details, but I teared up in the CG parking lot! Anyways, then I was to enter in #2 on the GPS and follow the directions!

Stop #2: Elevate Yourself (These names are from Thomas and were on the GPS)

Thomas sent me to my Adult Religion Class. When I arrived he told me that another reason he loves me is for my love of the Gospel. So I went and the class was great as always. After class I booked it to the car...I was so excited to see where Thomas was going to send me!

Stop # 3: My Favorite Store!

The next stop was Ikea! I got to go in and pick out a few presents! Thomas recalled our first venture into Ikea together! He remembered being there for about an hour and feeling done, and me, I'd just skimmed the surface! But I tried to hurry up & get out us out ASAP. Thomas said he loves me because he thinks I am considerate of other people. Have I said how much I loved my Bday this year?? I was feeling so happy, so excited all day!

Stop # 4: Desert Palms Hotel
Our Honeymoon suite! Thomas remembered all the fun we had in SoCal on our honeymoon, and also all the other trips we've been able to take since our first trip together...Thailand, Texas, Wisconsin, Toronto, Michigan, Oregon, Phoenix, and "our extended stay" in Page! He said each trip brought us closer and made him love me more.

Stop #5: The Happiest Place on Earth

Thomas then sent me to Disneyland (we just got our season passes on Sat when we went for Thomas' work party!) So at Disneyland he had me put on my birthday button so everyone there would wish me a Happy Birthday, then I was directed to my favorite ride (Tower of Terror) and his favorite ride (Soarin' over California). He talked about more memories, and future hopes to see more of our new State. I had a great time!

Stop #6: A Cool Place Dudette!
Next up...The Beach! Newport beach! It was beautiful. Thomas talked about how he knows how much I love the beach and told me go to take a walk along the beach. He also included a phone number that I was to call. It was to a place that does surfing lessons which we will be participating in on Saturday! Yay!

Stop #7: The Highest of the all!
The Newport Beach Temple! Thomas recalled the day we were married in the Temple. He also talked about how he loves that I love the Temple.

Stop # 8: You've been to Mani places!
Thomas sent me to get a manicure & pedicure. It was great! I got my toes painted bright pink! Yay!

Final Stop: Take a Seat! (just in time for Sunset)

Thomas told me to take a seat enjoy to the sunset. Then he wrapped up the day by telling me even more reasons he loves me, and hoped that I had a happy birthday (which I definitely did!)
**Note** The above picture is a stock photo, however it is very close to the sunset I saw last night! It was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen (I love to see the sun set over the ocean!) When i told Thomas this he said he order it just for me! Even tho that's a joke, I felt so much love yesterday from my husband, my family, my friends, and my God. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have had in my 25 years. He knows us and knows our needs that I am absolutely sure of.

Well, I just thought you would like to hear of one of my greatest days ever and a little about my sweet, thought husband who understands my need to be loved and who gave me one of the best gifts ever! My life with him is sweeter, funnier, and over all happier than I'd ever imagined it could be. And living in the shadow (well almost) of The Happiest Place on Earth I dare to say...


The Standrings said...

what a neat idea for a birthday adventure! Happy birthday! I hope you had a good one (it sure sounds like you did!)

The Wiseman Life said...

So sweet! He put a lot of work into that! What a good hubby you have! Glad you had such a special birthday!

michelle said...

Wow. You have the most thoughtful husband on this planet. What an amazing person.

Mindy said...

So cute! What a thoughtful gift. You deserved such a fun day!

Amanda and Steve said...

I bragged to Steve about Thomas' extremely thoughtful gift for you in hopes that he might do something like that for me some day. I don't think he picked up on the hint. said...

we have stayed at the Desert Palms Hotel before.