Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Wow! It's been a LONG time since we've had an update! We had a great summer visiting lots of friends and family and seeing some beautiful places! And now, after a marathon vacation we are settled in our new home!

Aliso Viejo, CA is in southern Orange County. If you find Laguna Beach on the map and then follow inland to the next city (it's light pink) that's us! Aliso takes up a whole 6 square miles but has a population of about 42,000. We live in an apartment complex called Alize. There are 11 buildings with 40 apartments in each! We have a beautiful pool (which I frequent usually with a book in hand) a fitness center, business center, club house with free Sunday brunch weekly (we haven't been able to attend yet due to our ward's schedule but maybe after the new year!) and there also some nice grassy areas with paths and doggies stations for walking your dog. But most of all it's home! We fell in love with it the moment we set eyes on our apartment and have loved transitioning to this new chapter of life!

The Apartment

This is the view when you first walk in. The hall goes right into the master bedroom. The 2nd bed & bath are at the beginning of the hall & the laundry is also more of a large closet that too is along the hall.

The Living room (I have yet to hang any art in this room. Maybe I'll take another pic once I do).Ellie's favorite place. She like to sit there and watch (and often bark at) the bunnies...that's right we have bunnies for neighbours!The Dinning room. We still have 4 chairs to build but after the bookcases, TV unit, futon & dresser, we decided to enact the BYOC--Build Your Own Chair...wanna come visit??)The Kitchen! I love my kitchen! So much space, a big fridge and a DISHWASHER! It sure has made spending time in this room much easier and boy is Thomas happy about that! Since moving in we have enjoyed eggplant Parmesan (for a meatless meal), stuffed peppers, grilled steak, tacos w/the works, salsa chicken, roast beef, Au Jus sandwiches and many more HOMEMADE meals...nuthin' from a box here! It's so fun! Guest bath. It's bigger than our last "only bath" I love it. And so did mum when she came. And so will you when you come! Guest Bedroom and Office. We still have boxes and I'm sure we'll have the big white ones for a little while...they're pretty much Thomas' single life put in 3 boxes! Where you get to sleep when you come visit. Thomas and I took a nap on it to make sure it's up to par and it's great! It's a married friends and family can come! (Have I convinced you yet?)The Master art :( But it will be up soon!) The Master bath. I love the tub! Although I've yet to use it (I just go to the hot tub!) But the shower's great too!
Yay! I have a bathroom you have to take 2 pictures of to get it all in! Behind the door's our linen closet!Bathroom & closet.

The Job

I should let Thomas be the one to fill you in on this, but he's off bringin home the bacon as we speak! So I'll just say, we were impressed by Capital Group (affectionately known as CG from here on out) right from the time Thomas came out here for an interview, and they haven't let us down! And they're taking us to Disneyland on Sept 20th for a company party...needless to say I'm happy! :)

The Ward

We love our ward! We were a little nervous at first and even attended the wrong ward, but when we got it right, we got it right. There are lots of young couples in the ward some with kids others without and we've already been able to get to know some of them. Thomas also received a calling as a Primary Teacher for the 8-9 year olds and the member of the bishopric told Thomas they have something in mind for me too! I guess I'll hear about that when I get back!

The Fun

We have so enjoyed being here in SoCal. After the 1st week of being here my mum came for a visit and helped me get things organized at home and also helped me find the good deals for groceries around. She is so amazing at what she does! She know how to save so much money by finding sales, using coupons, and using what you already have! I've already gotten free toothpaste (like 4 or 5 of them) free popcorn, razors, body wash, light bulbs... and lots of other things for a steal!

It wasn't all work while she was here. We also went to Laguna Beach, and Downtown Disney! It was so nice to have mum all to myself and enjoy some of the fun things around here!

And I'm going to Austria this Friday, but this post is far too long as is so I'll fill you in on that one (and the summer in a nut shell post) later.


Amanda and Steve said...

I'm so excited for you and know just how you feel! Except we haven't gotten our furniture yet so we don't feel settled in yet. But hopefully in the next week! I love your apartment!

Adam & Ashley said...

Your apartment is way cute! I love how you have decorated it. Looks like you guys are having fun!

michelle said...

It's crazy where life takes us huh?? It looks like you are doing so good. I hope one day we can catch up...I finally ended up backpacking around somewhere - South America!! I had always talked to you about doing that. It really is addicting.

The Wiseman Life said...

Hope you have a great time in Austria! I can't wait to hear how that all came about.
Glad you are all settled and liking your new home. Your house looks really nice! How fun to have a pool!

Mindy said...

Your apartment looks great!! It is fun to see you all settled in. Steve and I need to come down there sometime for sure now. Both his sister and my brother live there with their families and now you guys are there! That would be fun. Well enjoy your new home!

James and Amy said...

Sweet place! Amy and I call the guest bedroom next time we're in town. We sure miss you guys, but hope that everything continues to go well!

The Mathews Four said...

What a great time in your lives! And seriously... who needs to own a home when you guys have the sweet set up at your apartments? Seriously... Sunday brunch?! I wanna move there! I've loved catching up on your posts. Can't wait to see you guys again.