Friday, July 11, 2008

We are Nomads

Adrienne and I didn't really realize what we were signing ourselves up for this summer. We moved out of our apartment in April and have been nomadic ever since. In a week and a half we will drive to So Cal and find our future home. It has been pretty crazy living out of a suitcase and sleeping in different places. Just to give you an idea of what we have been up to I'll tell you where we have been sleeping, in order, including any repeat nights.
  1. Page, AZ (about a month)
  2. Phoenix, AZ (one night)
  3. Clarkston, MI (one night)
  4. Woodstock, Ontario (one night)
  5. Oshawa, Ontario (a few nights)
  6. Woodstock, Ontario (two more nights)
  7. Clarkston, MI (a few more nights)
  8. Page, AZ (another week)
  9. Lake Powell (two amazing days and one night)
  10. St. George, UT (a show at Tuacahn! and one night)
  11. Provo, UT (one night)
  12. Tualatin, OR (one night)
  13. Florence, OR (two nights)
  14. Salem, OR (one night)
  15. Camas, WA (one night)
  16. Portland, OR (two nights, yeah!)
That brings us to today. We're still not done. Here is what is left:
  1. Tualatin, OR (one more night)
  2. Salem, OR (two more nights)
  3. Lincoln City, OR (a week)
  4. Somewhere between Lincoln City and Los Angeles, wherever I get tired of driving.
  5. Irvine, CA (a few days while we look for an apartment)
  6. Provo, UT (a few days while we pack our stuff)
  7. Final destination - Somewhere in or near Irvine, CA area.
That's the end our our summer and we are really looking forward to it. Looking forward to privacy (most places had doors. Florence, OR was the only one where we were actually in our own separate dwelling). Bring on real life!


Janae Walker said...

hey, when are you guys coming back to provo? we will be here until the 11th of august! we would love to see you sometime :) sounds like your summer has been pretty crazy! but, hey, it's life and you gotta enojy it!hope to see you soon!

Brian said...

What a whirlwind summer!!! It really sounds like a lot of fun, though (especially Ontario, OR, and WA - some of my favorite places). Best of luck with the house search and the upcoming move to Cali.

-The Elledges

April said...

hey! i just found your blog through mindy's. how are you guys? i haven't talked to you forever. we miss you being around here!

Julie said...

Just two more nights in one place (Provo), oh and then one en route to CA and you can begin to settle. It may have been crazy for you but your insanity is our gain. So nice to see so much of you this summer.

Janell said...

It sounds like you're touring with a rock band :)