Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hey everyone, I'm going to link to a few slide shows with all of our pictures up to this point. Enjoy! (PS. Click on any picture to see it larger, but your pop-up blocker might stop you, and if you are reading my blog in an RSS feed reader and can't see the slide shows, visit my actual blog.)

Balanced Rock And Wash Hike: 26 Photos

Navajo Bridge: 12 Photos

Stone Toadstools: 19 Photos

Lake Powell: 6 Photos


Wetzel said...

the slideshows are awesome! you have to show me how to do this when you come up. And, where did you find that fish in the rock. Is that real?

The Jones Family said...

I lookes like you're having so much fun! That fish rock is crazy! :) Thanks for posting so many fun things...I love looking at your blog!

Mike and Joelle said...

Hey I found you! you guys are cute. I'll add you to my page. :)

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

You have a blog! That's great now we can keep up more with you guys :) It looks like you have been able to travel a bit since you've been married, that's really great! You both look so happy toghether and we hope that we can see you guys at the family reunion if me and Brandon can make it!