Thursday, May 1, 2008

Horseshoe Bend

So while Thomas and I are here in AZ we figured we'd try to see as much of this part of the counrty as possible. In fact, while looking at various tourist information magazines I have found that Page truly is in the middle of many great geological sites. Within about a 4 hour drive from Page you can get to Lake Powell (just down the street), Colorado River, the Grand Canyon, Arches Nat'l Park, Zions Nat'l Park and many other sites to behold!

So yesterday we started off our tour with Horseshoe bend on the Colorado River. It was beautiful! We hiked out along a sandy trail to the top of this cliff that just drops right into the Colorado River.


Lynette said...

So, I'm so glad you're doing this. It makes me feel like we're still connected. (Aunt Lynette's proud you're taking advantage to see all the area, too.)

Love ya,
Aunt Lynette and Uncle Ed

The Jones Family said...

How fun! It looks like you guys are starting your summer off right, it was good to sit with you guys at graduation!! Love you Ady! (I want added to your blog too by the way - now you know I have one too!) -Amy Jones

Amanda Sewell said...

Where are you guys in AZ? Just wondering because I live here and if you are near, you should come visit me Adrienne :)

Mandy Gauer-Sewell