Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Graduate

So last week I graduated. It all went by so quickly. The last two weeks, not the whole thing. Actually, it was beginning to feel like I had been at BYU forever. But finals, graduation, deep cleaning and clearing our apartment, and moving down to Arizona all just happened, and before I knew it, the Provo chapter of my life is over.

Graduation was great. I got to spend some time with Mark, my best friend from home. We walked together in high school and then walked together in college. That was pretty cool. Adrienne also walked with me, even though she graduated in '05. I am really glad she got the opportunity to do that.

BYU has been great. Sometimes it seems that I have received so much more than I have given to BYU. Just thinking monetarily, I have made more at my on campus job than I ever paid in tuition. And in the job hunt I was able to benefeit from all those who have gone forth, as they say, and find a great place of employement.

Now we begin the nomadic summer. A transition from college life to the real life. We will be in AZ until early June. Most of June will be spent in Toronto with Adrienne's family. In July we venture up to Oregon and then will make it over to California to prep for that real life stuff. For now, we'll be keeping you posted on the AZ life. Now for some grad pics.

Right after we graduated!

Ahh, the sign.

This is where BYU began for me and Mark, Merrill hall.

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Bloom Family said...

Congrats grads! We are excited for you guys to start off on the real life adventure :) Actually, there are times when Provo is missed very much. We wish you guys the best!