Thursday, June 14, 2007

You won't find Ghumpawapi on the map

Hey everyone, I just want to post some pictures. Hopefully this cafe has faster upload speeds than the other one. This is Adrienne in front of a huge sleeping Bhudda. Yes, it is the same one from Street Fighter II.

This Bhudda head has roots growing around it. It's cool.

This is us at the temple overlooking Chiang Mai. It was a great drive up the mountain on our scooter and an excellent view.


The Mathews Four said...

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun! It's great to see pictures. That's so cute that you guys got to ride a scooter together. You know I heard once that couples that ride a scooter must be so happy!!!! Just so you know... the scooter here in Utah has just been fixed! So when the vacation withdrawals kick in you'll have to come borrow it. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful father's day today, Grandma, Steven and Amanda joined us, and talked about you guys and your travels. I hope all is still going well and you are making many wonderful memories. Looking forward to more posts and pictures! Mom