Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wow! Time flies!

So I think it's Thursday now, it's crazy how time is flying by! So we have had a great week so far. Sunday we got to attend Chiang Mai branch, it was nice. There is a BYU study abroad grop that usually attends that ward so the missionaries translate everything into english. Actually, in sunday school the teacher taught in english, it was neat when she asked for a block of scripture read, everyone took turns reading a verse each in their native language, so every other verse was in a different language. Pretty interesting. Then on Monday we had a day trip including elephant riding, bamboo rafting, hiking in the mountain, waterfalls, and my first monsoon. Needless to say it was pretty intersting :) Well, then we flew over to Nong Khai, which is on the boarder between Thailand and Lao So we met up with one of Thomas' old comps, actually the first one he trained, and he was so good to us. He took us to a sister's hom in the ward and she let us stay over a couple nights. Her place was really nice, and we had a great time visiting with her and Thomas' comp. We went to Laos for the day yesterday and Bruce (the comp.) took us all around, it was great. We rented a couple scooters and went for it! He took us to meet some of the couple missionaries serving there, they were so nice, they even invited us to dinner, at an Italian restaurant! It was great! I was getting a little homesick for familiar food so it was such a treat! Well, the last blog entry I wrote was way too long, so I'm gonna call it quits here. Talk to you soon!


carolhudson said...

Hi,you two world travellers! It sounds like you are having a wonderful experience!!It is so great that Thomas knows all the places to go, and that you have the church, and friendly people to entertain you! We miss you so much!But I'm so glad you get to make this trip and make so many memories!Our Dad is still in Korea- he has another busy week wne he gets back. Take care- I love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

This blog is great. I've loved reading it and wished I could be there for it all. Love, jillydawn