Friday, June 22, 2007

White sand, crystal clear water, an beautiful scenery...what more could we ask for?

So we're here in Ao Nang, by Krabi, and are really enjoying it. Our hotel is about a minute walk to the beach and had an incredible view of the water and the green inland. Yesterday we took a boat trip to Phi Phi islands. It was a great time, however, the sun was very hot and was merciless, and burned us pretty bad. Today we are recovering by trying to stay indoors, and we rented a scooter, to scoot around in too! But while we were island hoping yesterday we got to do some scorkling and it was amazing! The fish are so colorful and the coral and everything is really neat! Also helps that the water is like 80-85 degrees! Feels like bath water! So that was a great trip and tomorrow we are setting sail on another boat trip to some other islands around to do somemore snorkling. So besides me (Ady) being so red I seriously look like a lobster and can barely move my arms (due to my burnt shoulders) we love it here, it is seriously so beautiful and so different than anywhere else I've been!


carolhudson said...

WOW! The picture is so beautiful- you must feel like you're in paradise! I hope you take care of that sunburn! If they have vinegar, that takes the sting out.I'm glad you are out of the city and can relax for awhile before coming home.Thomas, I thought your b day was July 16th, but if it has already passed- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We are leaving in a few hours for Utah- YAY! See ya there! Love, Mom

The Mathews Four said...

That picture is gorgeous! It seriously looks like a postcard pic. Sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives! Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

What an amazingly beautiful place! I love reading your blogs and seeing your gorgeous pictures. Sounds like you're having an amazing trip. Ady - hope the sunburn goes away quickly.

By the way - we're moving in a week, so I was going through my old stuff and found the greatest letters from you! I miss you lots! We were funny teenagers.