Friday, June 8, 2007

We love Chiang Mai

So, we have been in Chiang Mai now for a couple of days and have really been enjoying it! First off we rented a motor-bike and have been riding that all around town, it's fantastic. Scooters are definitely the most common means for transportation around here, it's kinda of crazy how many there are on the roads and all the drivers will weave in and out of cars and lanes, in fact I've decided that the locals here regard the lanes as more of a suggestion of where to drive, but if you need to make your own lane, then that's ok too! :) So yesterday we drove out of the city up kind of in a mountain to see the elephant camp. This was great. I was really nervous around the elephants, I think Thomas is posting some pics so you'll be able to see by my face how nervous I was! It was really fun tho, there were 2 workers there that brought a couple of smaller elephants around and had them do some tricks, like taking a hat off the guy and putting in on my head, wraping their trunks around us, giving kisses (which I was not about to accept :) ) and other things, so that was cool to be right up close. Then the show was pretty neat, I really liked the paintings, it's pretty cool to see them paint like that! Well, anyways, the weather here has been a lot better than down in Ayuttahya (?) which has been an answer to my prayers! :) So we've been able to enjoy the outdoors more. We have also learned to do things in the morning and evening when it's cool. We've been up and out of the hotel by about 6 or 6:30 the last few days, so we can take advantage of the cool time of day. It's so fun riding on the scooter then checking thing out. This morning we went to the market for breakfast and I had wonderful fresh pineapple and watermellon (I thought of you Trina, you would love that pineapple!) The fruit here is fantastic! Everywhere you go there are street vendors selling fresh fruit for like $.25-.50. You get a bag of whatever you want and a little pointed stick to eat it with. We've had mango, LOTS of pineapple, watermelon, mangosteen. I think that had been one of my favorite things here! I've really enjoyed fresh fruit anytime I want it! :) Well, we're looking forward to going on a trek on Monday with an hour elephant ride, an hour bamboo raft ride, meeting a hill tribe village and going to a cultural dance/ show buffet! A lot in one day eh? But it'll be great, it's all organized thru a tour group! Well, we have finally figured out our cell phone so it's working, and we have our number and would love to hear from home! K, you just have to dial 011-66-841-334-618. Well, I think this is all I have time for now. Thanks for forwarding the email from Tovin, mom, it was great to hear from him. He sounds great! Well, thanks for all the comments, it's fun to hear from you! we'll talk to you all later!

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