Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hong Kong International Airport

Well we have made it most of the way to Thailand. We have a few hours here in Hong Kong and then will take the three hour flight to Bangkok. We arrive around midnight Thai time. The flight was about 14 hours and Adrienne and I both felt a little sick the last few hours. We are flying Cathay Pacific, they take care of you. We got two good meals, lots of snacks and pop and mini TVs in the seats ahead of us that we could control. I like Cathay Pacific. Next stop, BKK.

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carolhudson said...

hi! Thanks for writing and letting us know you're ok. It will be good to hear when you get to Thailand safely. we heard form Tovin today. A letter written on his first and third day at the MTC. He sounds great! He is surrounded by great people and he is loving it.He gets to send email on his p day, Wednesday(tomorrow) so you should be hearing from him, if not, I will forward it to you. How much fun are you having?!!"Lucky!!" Tak care! I love you! Mom